STRANGERS in a strange land
February & March 2021
117 Cobean Blvd, Lake City
Sanctuary (masks required/social distancing)

In-Person Guidelines Provided Below

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Just like Daniel, we are strangers in a strange land who have been placed at the center of God’s positive mission to the world. How can we be at home in this present world, remain faithful to our God in a world that rejects Him, and sing the Lord’s song as an exile? Join us as we explore the principles of grace, faith, prayer, fellowship, obedience, and hope that governed Daniel’s life. Nations and empires, thrones and dominions will rise and fall, but God’s kingdom will last forever!

February 07  The Setting
February 14  The Dream
February 21  The Image
February 28  The Tree

March 07  The Wall
March 14  The Lions
March 21  The Beasts
March 28  The Ram & Goat  PALM SUNDAY

April 04  The Prayer  EASTER SUNDAY

As we return to meet in person, please don’t forget that we strongly encourage those considered “at risk” to join us at 10:30am on Facebook Live. If you have had a fever of over 100 degrees, a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or have had contact with anyone confirmed to have Coronavirus in the past 14 days, please join us online.

Because we want to provide a safe environment for everyone, we have a few Sunday Indoor Service Guidelines that we are asking everyone to follow:

  • Seating will begin 15 minutes before service start time.
  • We are asking everyone who attends an on-campus worship service or group, except for those 10 years old or younger, to bring and wear their own face covering at all times.
  • Six feet social distancing, except for family groups.
  • 60 maximum capacity. We will add a second service if needed. Connection Café will be temporarily closed.
  • There will be a 12-foot distance between worship leaders and the congregation.
    Our worship singers and speakers will not be wearing masks while on the platform.
  • Although we will not be offering childcare at this time, changing tables will be available in both restrooms.
  • If you meet and greet, please do so away from the main entrance and in the parking lot at your own discretion.
  • Lines for entry and exit will be monitored for distancing.
  • An offering vase will be available at the front of the sanctuary for tithes and offerings.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the Guest Services booth.
  • All common areas and restrooms will be sanitized before and after every in-door worship service.

    These guidelines are subject to change as the COVID-19 circumstances change and will be updated as needed.