Peyton Milligan|Worship Pastor

"Refuge has been a church home for me for many years.  It has been a Refuge. The people here embody what the body of Christ is supposed to be, and that makes for a family of believers all striving for the same goal.  The saying goes 'There is no place like home.' How about, 'There is no place like Refuge Lake City.'"

Steve Hinkle|Senior Pastor

"Just like 'home,' we want Refuge to be a safe place where you can be yourself, make mistakes, and experience unconditional love.  
It’s realizing that none of us are perfect and that we need each other to make it day by day."

"My prayer is that when you visit Refuge that you will be greeted with hospitality and not want to leave because your experiencing just a glimpse of our eternal home in heaven! REFUGE - Resonating a
little heaven on earth!"

Dillon Johnson|Student Pastor

"Refuge is where I joined a youth group 12 years ago, during a confusing time in my life, and I immediately felt accepted. Refuge is where I surrendered my life to Christ, where I was called into ministry, where my wife and I met and got married. Refuge is where our daughter was dedicated to the Lord.
It's where we have a true family!"

"There have been tears, laughter, joy, trials, and peace that have filled the halls here. Refuge Church is our Home and we want to make others feel at home here! I pray that anyone who comes to Refuge feels the same way that I do about our church,
and afterwards say, 'wow, that church
feels like home, and them people -
they feel like family.'"