Nursery | Preschool

Our RKidz Nursery (0-24 months) & Preschool (2 years - Kindergarten) is a place where we hope to make children feel safe and loved. Both are currently available during our Sunday morning services.

We know that leaving your child in the nursery for the first time can be overwhelming and we want to help make it as easy as possible for you.

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On Sunday mornings, the check-in process begins prior to the start of prior to Sunday School and/or the worship service. Sunday School Check-In begins at 9:30am. Nursery & Children's Church Check-In begins at 10:10am.

The first time you come, we will have you complete an information card with your household information for our system. This system each following week will print a child tag and a parent identification number that matches only your child(ren) to prevent any safety issues. Keep this parent tag safe because you will need it for pick-up.

  • Children should all be checked in by a parent or guardian at Guest Services in the main building.
  • Children will be handed to a background checked nursery volunteer at the door of the nursery. No parent should enter the nursery at any time unless it is their day to volunteer.
  • Diaper bags and children should have the provided sticker placed on them prior to entering nursery.
  • Children will not be allowed to stay in the nursery if they display signs of illness. For the safety of other children, please do not bring children to the nursery if they are not feeling well or have been diagnosed with a communicable disease.
  • Children will be served snacks and juice while in the nursery. Please inform the nursery worker of any new food allergies before dropping off the child.
  • No personal items should be left with children unless necessary. Examples would be a blanket or toy that they do not go anywhere without. All other items should be left with parents.
Protecting the children in our care is our first priority. We ask that when you return to pick your child up you bring your parent tag to verify which child is yours. Only authorized parents, guardians, or approved adults are allowed to check children out. You must have your parent tag on your person at the time of pick up. Please be patient with us as we may request an ID at anytime to ensure your child's safety.

  • Parents will be texted first.
  • Children will receive a 3 digit number when their sticker is printed at check-in. If there is no response from the parental text, your number will appear on the sanctuary screen.
  • Parents must bring sticker for verification when going to nursery to check on OR pick up their child(ren).

Our nursery is staffed by many different volunteers. Each one has had backgrounds checks and will attend periodic training classes to ensure that they are just right for caring for your children.

Parents who wish to not use our services are welcome to use our Connection Café as a “cry room” if needed and both our men’s and women’s restrooms are equipped with a changing station for your convenience.

With the health of our children in mind, we will be encouraging hand-washing among children and requiring it of volunteers as well as implementing procedures to keep our changing tables and toys sanitary. To help us keep the nursery clean, we are asking parents only use the Preschool Room (preschool and nursery age children only) and changing tables in the restrooms. The nursery room should only be used by scheduled volunteers on Sunday mornings.